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The corporate research center of Duk Young Engineering Co., Ltd (The certificate nr. 20052243),

  since its establishment in July 2005 for the purposes of the powder technology which includes the pneumatic powder 
  conveying system and its storage, measurement, loading, unloading, polarization and etc, has been
  and is still in pursuit of various researches and developments.
  During the days having accomplished the basic and strategic tasks of technology developments assigned by
  the Gyeonggi Small and Medium Business Administration, the laboratory has achieved eight patent rights
  and become internationally competitive through the technology collaboration with a famous foreign company.
  Based upon the experts diversified experiences from job site workings plus the collaboration with the foreign company
  and the accumulated know-how, Duk Young Engineering Co., Ltd is endeavoring its best for all the researches
  with a view to growing up to a dynamic special plant-leading company.

l  Possessed technologies

-        -  Pneumatic conveying system for dried food and powder

-        - Technology for prevention of material from being separated during pneumatic conveyance

-        - Technology for the design and manufacturing of sifter suitable for food processing

-        - Technology for powder mixing & dispersing of ultra-low-gravity, excessive scattering and ultrafine powder

-        - Technology for development of special screw feeder

-        - Technology for continuous weighing system

-        - Technology for powder melting by sucking

-        - Technology for special powder processing equipments and parts.

-        -  Material conveying by vibrating feeders (shaker)

-        - Technology of generating waters for cleansing and disinfection for food processing or industrial use

-        - Technology for production of high concentration HOCl and high density NaOH

-        - Technology for drying in use of industrial microwave, lumber drying, steaming, ceramic calcinations and plasma