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NONGSHIM CO.,LTD Vacuum conveying system Powdery soup, Snack
Pressure conveying system Powdery soup
Storage and vacuum conveying system Flour, Starch
Pneumatic pressure conveying Flour
TAEKYUNG NONGSAN CO.,LTD Pneumatic suction conveying system Spice material
Silo and vaccm conveying system Dried leek
Pneumatic conveying system Mixed powder
SKC Dense phase conveying system PET chip, PE chip
Storage and vacuum conveying lines PPD
Pneumatic suction conveying lines PPD
KCC Vacuum conveying system PVC powder
Dense phase converying system EMC powder
Pneumatic suction conveying system Coffee
COCACOLA KOREA CO.,LTD Silo and pneumatic conveying system Sugar
DAESUN FLOUR MILL CO.,LTD Storage, milling and pneumatic conveying system Rice, Starch
WOOIL FOOD CO.,LTD Pneumatic vacuum conveying system Red pepper powder
KWANGIL CO.,LTD Vacuum conveying system Vacuum conveying system
DAWOO SEALANT INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD Storage, milling and pneumaatic conveying system Calcium carbonate, Aerosil
SSCP Pneumatic suction conveying system Electro-material powder
SUNGSHIN Dense phase conveying system Dense phase conveying system
SAM MYUNG TECH Dense phase conveying system Petrified chalcedony
ILJIN DIAMOND CO.,LTD Vaccum conveying system MSDS powder
SAMLIP CO.,LTD Continuous suction converying system  
YOUHAN CHEMICAL CO.,LTD Vacuum conveying system Chemical
KOREA YACULT CO.,LTD Storage and conveying system Powdery soup
HANSAENG CO.,LTD Pneumatic vacuum conveying system Red pepper powder
and more

LG Rotary feeding system Chemical
Divert System Chemical
NONGSHIM CO.,LTD Proportional Feeding system Snack
TAEKYUNG NONGSAN CO.,LTD Grinding line - feeding system Powdery soup
Weighing powder system Mixed powder
KOREA YACULT CO.,LTD Rotary feeding system Mixed powder
SINSONG Rotary feeding system Starch
DAESANG Distributing system Food material
VILAC CO.,LTD Rotary feeding system Cream
SAMSUNG SDI Flexible spiral feeding system Calcium hydroxide
ORION CORPORATE Belt in weight feeding system Snack
SnS TECH Belt in weight feeding system Snack
SKC CO.,LTD Proportional discharging screw feeding system Film
Automatic feeding system PPD
Chemical feeding system PE
DONGWOO FINE CHEMICAL Flexible spiral feeding system Boric acid
CLEANWORLD CO.,LTD Big bag unloading, feeding and mixing system Activated carbon
and more

Doosan Electro-Materials Co., Ltd Induction & mixing system (Conti-TDS) Phenolic resins
TAEKYUNG NONGSAN CO.,LTD Powder packing lines Powdery soup
Induction & mixing system (Conti-TDS) Spice
NONGSHIM CO.,LTD Hopper mixing system Powdery soup, Snack
Chopper mixing system Compound water
SAMSUNG ELECTRO MECHANICS nduction & mixing system Ceramic
SEWOO Big bag filling system Powdery soup
PARTICLOGY CO.,LTD Big bag filling system Semiconductor material
and more

NONGSHIM CO.,LTD Vibration separating system Snack
TAEKYUNG NONGSAN CO.,LTD Vibration separating system Red pepper powder
Magnetic separating system Red pepper powder
Bulk scan sorting system
Vibration separating system Food
KOREA YACULT CO.,LTD Vibration separating system Powdery soup
and more

DAESUN FLOUR MILL CO.,LTD Non-toxic disinfection system (Enogen)
JeJu-Do Agricultural Research
Non-toxic disinfection system (Enogen)
NONGSHIM (China) Non-toxic disinfection system (Enogen)
Germany Export Non-toxic disinfection system (Enogen)
Indonesia Export Non-toxic disinfection system (Enogen)
and more